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It was the fall of 2001 at Western Washington University. Brian was taking fifth year courses in order to gain enough credits for his CPA test. To bulk up easy credits Brian registered for four P.E. courses, volleyball, martial arts, lacrosse, and racquetball.

Meanwhile, Trish was teaching several racquetball courses that quarter for Western’s P.E. Department, in order to break up the monotony of her design department courses and to allow her an excuse to get out of the computer lab.

On the first day of class Brian broke the ice by saying to Trish “Where do you get the lockers?” What a smooth talker!

As it turns out Brian and one other student, a Japanese exchange student, would end up playing most of their games with Trish. Based on their lack of skill level Trish kept them with her in hopes that the extra time would improve their abilities. Improvement came quickly.......for the Japanese exchange student, not so much for Brian. (Brian claims this was all an act, Trish doesn’t buy it)

Brian ended up inviting Trish to a Halloween party, and she accepted. As it happens the Halloween party was being held at a nightclub that had once been a racquetball club. In fact, the courts were still in tact. At one point in the evening Brian and Trish were heading into one of the courts to join some friends when Brian promptly walked into the glass wall of the court and fell down. As Trish looked down at Brian in his mullet wig and sleeve-less black Stone Cold Steven Austin tee, she knew this guy was a keeper.

Brian graduated that following March and left Bellingham. He commuted once a month for two years to visit Trish at Western, and even though most of those Saturdays were spent with her in the Computer Lab, he kept coming back.

Its been over seven years now and Trish continues to make Brian laugh every day. Brian can still not play racquetball.
Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Carver Gymnasium - Where Brian & Trish first met