Brian had been trying to get Trish to take a day off for a couple months, Trish was reluctant as she doesn’t like taking random days off and would rather save them up for a block of days off. Brian finally convinced her by saying he wanted to spend some time with her because he had been gone for most of the summer in Portland (he had a four month project there). The guilt trip worked, and Trish scheduled a day off for November 11, 2008.

The first stop of the day was the Seattle Aquarium. They were turned away from two parking garages, the second of which they were asked to completley reverse out of. The entire area surrounding the aquarium was covered in strollers and children. They circled the block in the pouring rain looking for parking for 20 minutes, it was at this point that Brian and Trish realized that it was Veterans Day and there was no school and parents were looking for a place to take the kids on a rainy day. The parking situation became way too frustrating so Brian went to Plan B.

Brian took Trish to the Melting Pot on Queen Anne for Lunch. The Melting Pot was their anniversary tradition, but this year Brian had decided to take her to Daniel’s Brolier the saturday prior, their actual anniversary November 8th. He thought the Melting Pot would be fun since they had missed not going there. As they approached the restaurant, it looked deserted. Brian went up to the door and quickly returned to car. The restaurant wasn’t open until 4, at this point it was only a little after 11. Brian moved to Plan C.

They headed to Belltown to a litte dive tavern called “Two Bells.” (Great hamburgers!) As they pulled into the pay lot there was a transient standing in the middle of the lot, in the pouring rain, “doing an unsavory thing” At this point Trish turned to Brian and said there was no way she was going to be able to eat at this point. Brian nodded in agreement, peeled out of the parking lot in frustration and said “Plan D.”

Trish and Brian eventually ended up at one of their favorite local pizza places, Tutta Bella. They were enjoying a quiet lunch which was quickly innterrupted by other folks who had the day off/no school. Trish looked across the table at Brian and suggested that it might be better if she just go back to work for the rest of the day. He could drive her in and do some shopping and then pick her up when she was done with work. She thought it was a brilliant idea as the day had been such a disaster so far. Brian almost seemed to give in, then said he had one more stop.

Brian drove Trish up to Capitol Hill. Saying they had time to kill before the next place, Brian took Trish into a modern furniture/art store. After about 15 minutes of browsing Brian said it was time to go, so they headed out. They walked about a block and ended up inside what appeared to be an independent/foreign film theatre. Trish went along with it, although the last thing she wanted to do at this point in the day was see a foreign film.

Brian lead her into the main theatre. Not a seat was filled. Playing on the screen was the movie they had seen on their “official first date” Serendipity. (Flashback seven years earlier Trish and Brian decided to go see the movie Serendipity instead of a movie called The One. As they walk into the Bellingham theatre it was completley empty, Trish turns to Brian and asks “What, did you rent the whole place out?”) Seven years later, he had.

They sat down and watched the movie. Brian’s heart beating so loud he thought it was shaking his seat. The movie ended and Trish stood up followed by Brian. Trish turned to Brian and said “Oh, don’t forget your coat, its cold out.” Brian turned to grab his coat on a neighboring chair and within this fluid movement he got down on one knee and asked Trish to marry him. This is what Trish heard “Mmmm sbbbabdda blabh will you marry me.” Trish said “Yes” and helped Brian up. His legs were shaking so hard it shook the wood floors beneath them. They sat down in the empty theatre both in shock and silence and just stared at each other. Two hours later, sitting on the couch at home Trish was once again able to talk, this was the longest two hours of Brian’s life.

A long story short.

He proposed. We’re getting married. Hope to see you there.
The first date movie, November 8th, 2001
The official theatre, November 11th, 2008
Engagement Photo professionaly taken with Trish's cell phone